Learn the Rainbow Bridge Techniques

This course teaches you the Phase I of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques. For more information on the techniques and what they do, please visit the About page.

The Rainbow Bridge Techniques consist of two phases, Phase I and Phase II. Phase I is further subdivided into Phase Ia and Phase Ib. In Phase Ia you build the Central Channel and in Phase Ib you widen it, to allow enough soul energy to pour down to perform the subsequent clearing techniques. In that way, during Phase II, you can use the constructed and widened Central Channel to clear the bodies, or the "vehicles", of negative “thought-forms”.

The Phase II techniques are taught upon completion of Phase I and are not part of this course. This workshop teaches how to properly build and widen your Central Channel, i.e. the Phase Ia and Phase Ib techniques. In this live, hands-on course you will learn all practical steps of the Phase I techniques as well as learn about their theoretical background. The construction and widening of your Central Channel will clear it from energetic blockages and will allow for a proper communication between your soul and your main energy centres. For more information on how these techniques benefit you further, please visit the About page.

You will learn additional practices such as tools, mantras and prayers to receive soul guidance, daily inspiration and support in how to anchor in your soul energies in daily life and in dealing with challenging situations.


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Course Curriculum:


✔️ Introduction to the Rainbow Bridge Techniques

✔️ Josephine and Norman Stevens, the creators of the technique

✔️ The Soul Mantra

 ✔️ The Spiritual Whirlwind or Etheric Vortex

✔️ The Central Channel

✔️ How to heal the Central Channel (Phase 1a)

✔️ Widening the Central Channel (Phase 1b)

✔️ Daily Alignment, Centring, and Clearing Exercise (Maintaining the Central Channel)

✔️ Stages of Building the Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge Phase I Online Course 

This course is taught online on Zoom and includes: 

• Six (2x3) hours of live teaching, learning the full Rainbow Bridge Phase I techniques, including study materials and a comprehensive manual

• Taught by an official instructor in the direct lineage of the RB creators (the Stevens) 

• A step-by-step guide to safely and confidently practice these techniques at home 

• Extensive background knowledge on the techniques and their origin

--> Courses are also offered in German !!

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Group classes are EUR 120,00 for the full course. 

Private classes are EUR 240,00 for the full course.

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